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Here you can find nice stories and the latest news in the field of beer and beer culture in Flanders. What are our Flemish brewers doing? Discover it here and read more about their passion.

Re-launch of Eylenbosch beers

Re-launch of Eylenbosch beers

Our country will soon have another Oude Geuze and Kriek richer, because Erik De Keersmaeker wants to put Eylenbosch – one of the most important lambic breweries – back in the 60s with the relaunch of the Eylenbosch beers.

Successful growth quarter

Successful growth quarter

Again a successful growth quarter at Vlaamse Brouwers. The platform that wants to put the brewers in Flanders in the spotlight had in Quarter 3 a growth of35,29% of followers. Flanders has many passionate professionals who are in search of that little bit more every...

Tasty food pairing

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Coffee Bean

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Coffee Bean

Bread and games


Peter Vandecaveye, beer sommelier and founder of Vlaamse Brouwers lets you discover tasty combinations between fully written recipes and a tasty beer style. Discover the many possibilities!

Kathleen De Sutter from Kate’s beer advice always highlights a beer from a Flemish brewer with a food pairing tip. Valuable tips to try for yourself. Enjoy it. Tasty!


Contact us and we will organize a beer tasting, beer pairing or workshop together with you. Under the guidance of a beer sommelier you will learn how to discover various beers and taste them with fun facts and anecdotes about the beers and the breweries.

Discover our various formulas and options via the link, including exclusive food pairings for an exclusive audience tailored to your wishes and tastes.



This is of course only one of many ingredients. Our Vlaamse Brouwers are very inventive and make beers for everyone’s taste palette.

More than blond, double and triple

As a Fleming, we can be proud of the great diversity of flavors that our region has. Our Flemish brewers are creative with it .

Blond beer


The designation “blond” originates from the abbey beers. For many consumers these blond abbey beers are the stepping stone from low fermentation beers, say lager, to the world of special beers.

Double brown beer

Brown - Double

The designations ‘double’, for a dark abbey beer, are the norm in Flanders, especially in the abbey beer sector. This is inspired by the Westmalle Dubbel that has been on the market since 1934.



Tripel is a heavy-fermented beer with a second fermentation in the bottle. The color varies between blonde and amber. It usually has a strong malty and / or hop bitter taste.

Delicious Belgian hops

When you say Poperinge, you think of beer and especially hop. These hanging gardens are grown almost exclusively in Poperinge in Belgium. An 18 hop farmers grow on an area of 147 ha.

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